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The Severn Valley Complete Maxi Farm Trek

Your booking will be a private visit for your group!

We believe everyone has the right to access the countryside and enjoy all its beauty and charm. At Severn Valley Alpacas, we know the cathartic effect our lovely alpacas and stunning views have.


**New Walk**The Severn Valley Complete Maxi Farm Trek

Upon arrival at the Top car park, walk down the signed grass path that takes you down to our Alpaca Farm welcome area. The trek will begin with an introduction and an Alpaca welfare talk. We will then take you to the boys paddock, where we will demonstrate how we headcollar the Alpacas and ready them for their walk! a great way for you to meet them and learn some animal husbandry skills!

We will discuss walking with your alpaca and general safety. We will then set off across our  Top Hay meadow . This is a leisurely walk, the Alpacas will stop frequently to look about and admire the stunning views of the Clee hills, and  views of the Malvern Hills, Long Mynd at Church Stretton  through to Wenlock edge and The Wrekkin at Telford .

We then follow our lower meadow  perimeter walkway, which affords stunning views up the Severn Valley to Telford, we make our way down the lower Camping meadow and into the fruit orchard's winding pathways where our next stop is at our bug hotel  & picnic bench area which nestles next to the duck and geese enclosure, where we stop for plenty of pictures and selfies!. We now venture past the lower female Alpaca paddock and trek our way up the ridge towards the Male Alpaca enclosure where we walk around its perimeter,  we then stop for some group pictures and presentation of your Expert Alpaca Walker Medals! finally returning to the Alpaca nursery and training area where you then unharness the Alpacas with your new found skills!  It's now feed time! We will then supply appropriate alpaca food and you can feed the Alpacas and meet them all up close. You can take as many  photographs as  you wish.

Alpacas do not rush, when trekking with alpacas they are slow-paced and chilled, they stop frequently to look at the environment allowing the trekker to do so also. Trekking with an alpaca is a pleasurable and relaxing experience that elicits a sense of calm and wellbeing in the ambiance of the stunning countryside. We will have lots of opportunities to take some stunning photographs.

When you finish feeding the Alpacas, we will escort you to the Hygiene & Hand-wash station; you can then relax in our Alpaca seated viewing area where all Children & Adults will enjoy your refreshments, Hot or cold drinks, plus treats from our Basket!

All Alpaca feed and refreshments are included in your ticket price, Choice of: Hot Chocolate, Tea, Coffee, Spring Water, Fresh Orange or Apple Juice, Chocolate, Banana or Strawberry Milkshakes.

Select your Chocolate Goodies, Biscuits or Cakes from our treats basket!

Duration: 2 hours
Maximum of 10 Alpacas


Adults and children over 12 years old - £50

Children between 3-11 years old - £30

We would suggest this walk is appropriate for older children.

Please note due to insurance children under 12 will not be permitted to have an independent alpaca but can share an alpaca with a responsible adult who will remain in charge of the alpaca at all times. Please arrive 5 minutes before your trek. All treks have to start on time; therefore it will not be possible for late arrivals to join the trek and you will forfeit the fee paid.

Carers Supporting a client are FREE OF CHARGE (work ID required - see our Terms and Conditions)

CARERS (very important): please contact us before booking:
Phone: 07867633849
- Facebook Messenger:

Please message us if you wish to book a larger group or have specific requirements and we will do our best to meet your needs and arrange a bespoke package just for you.

Adults and children over 12 years old - £50.00 each
Number of children between 3-11 years old - £30 each
Children under 3 years old - FREE OF CHARGE
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