Children's Alpaca Birthday Party's


Exclusive use of Severn Valley Alpacas for your Party's its just your group on our premises, to fully enjoy the Alpaca Experience!

Children's Party's here at Severn Valley Alpacas is a great place for young people to celebrate with their friends and family! 

We have picnic tables in our Alpaca Viewing and Guest Area, you will have exclusive use of this area for your party! bring your own food and drinks, you can also bring decorations if you wish, for you to prepare the area for your party! 

If you would like to book a Party at Severn Valley Alpacas, please call us, we will discuss your requirements and  we will price your unique package based upon your request.

Phone: 07867 633849 or 07484 374314

Participants will Meet and feed the Boy Alpacas, (Loraine will provide alpaca appropriate food). Then all children get to choose their favourite boy Alpaca and take him for a Mini trek. Whilst on your mini trek there are plenty of photo stops and cuddles with your Alpacas. When we return to the boy Alpaca feeding it's then time for lots of selfies with your new Alpaca friends, and group pictures with your furry mates!

When you finish feeding & walking the Alpacas, we will escort you to the Hygiene & Hand-wash station; you can then relax in our Alpaca seated viewing area where everyone will be served with your refreshments, Hot or cold drinks, plus treats from our Basket!

All Alpaca feed and refreshments are included in your birthday party package!

Choice of: Hot Chocolate, Tea, Coffee, Spring Water, Fresh Orange or Apple Juice, Chocolate, Banana or Strawberry Milkshakes.

Select your Chocolate Goodies, Biscuits or Cakes from our treats basket!

 All Children will receive an Alpacas best friend Medal when your refreshments are served, it is included in your birthday party package!