Our Story

Severn Valley Alpacas is an agricultural smallholding. We breed and rear alpacas and produce a small quantity of fruit and veg. This is our family business. We also provide alpaca experiences such as trekking, private picnics, private wellbeing activities and seasonal alpaca events.


Andrew Bassett 

I work full time on the Seven Valley Alpaca holding. I have a lifetimes experience working in trade industries; I am a mechanical engineer, with city & guilds qualifications in Plumbing, Natural Gas, L.P.G Gas, and held senior management positions within British Gas, Scottish Gas and within the U.K Social housing sector.

We lived in Scotland for 10 years, our horses resided on our friend’s farm, I used to help on the farm with general upkeep work, fencing, field management, use of agricultural equipment etc. In supporting my wife and daughters equine pursuits, I gained a qualification in equine studies and stable management, as I used to move and transport our horses to Equine events and also transport my daughter's horses whilst she resided at the Highland equine college.

I am volunteer worker with the British Museum, also a keen historian and Metal detection expert and have a specific interest in Iron Age, Republican Roman and Medieval Coinage. I have made many significant discoveries of rare finds and treasure items, including The Chelmarsh Medieval coin hoard, comprising of 153 Henry 3rd silver penny’s dating to 1248.

Local history and sharing the discoveries of recent found antiquities with our local community is the focus of my historical passion, I present talks to local and county voluntary groups combining presentation of how these discoveries are made and displaying historic artefacts found in Shropshire with the community.

Loraine Bassett

I have worked as a career, nurse or nurse manager since 1979 to date, 41 years (with a few gaps for childbirth and a serious health issue). I have always worked in caring or nursing roles and have had an eclectic career to date. It follows therefore that I bring to the role a wealth of experience and specialist skills. I have always loved animals and the countryside and totally embrace the effect that they can bring to healing and health in general.

In 2014 I was diagnosed with Cancer and went into treatment; I was off work for fifteen months. During this time, I read extensively. This reading introduced me to therapy work with animals and I knew that I had found what I wanted to do to pursue with my career. Having been an animal owner for all my life I was already aware of the profound effect that animals make to health and general wellbeing. With the help of my family and animals I have made a full recovery, I was lucky. However not everyone has the resources to pursue this path.

Following on from my extensive reading I became aware of Alpacas, I wanted to meet some so my husband and I travelled down to Inca Alpacas in Devon and we met Tim Hay and his alpacas. Tim Hay is board member of the British Alpaca Society a leading authority on alpacas and an international judge. Having met and experienced Alpacas I decided they were the way forward with my venture. They are kind, quirky animals who demonstrated a sense of quiet mischievousness and curiosity that entices you in. They are perfect to provide therapy to potentially anyone with a therapy or health need. When trekking with Alpacas they are slow paced and chilled, they stop frequently to look about and take in the environment in doing so allowing the service user to do so also. Trekking with an Alpaca is a pleasurable experience that always elicits a sense of calm and relaxation in an ambiance of stunning countryside. The essence of therapy.

We were fortunate to buy a piece of land in Romsley Shropshire with stunning cathartic views across the Severn Valley hence the business name Severn Valley Alpacas.