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We welcome visits from Schools and colleges!

We tailor make your visit activity's and subjects around what your pupils & students require from learning about  Alpacas, their welfare, food, animal husbandry, their fibre, production of wool and practical work with the Alpacas!.

We also provide Alpaca fact sheets and workbooks to take away as well as bags of Alpaca fleece for classroom discussion and practical activity's.

We do not charge for Teachers, support Workers, Care Staff or Mini bus drivers.

Severn Valley Alpacas are accredited by CEVAS and welcome Agricultural education visits.

 Severn Valley Alpacas Welcomed in 2024!

                                     Wolverley Animal Centre:

We brought 25 Year 10 BTEC Animal Care students to Severn Valley Alpacas as part of their animal health unit. Severn Valley staff were able to provide a bespoke day covering all elements of alpaca & equine husbandry, care, health and maintenance - vital for our student’s units. Each and every student had ample opportunity to get hands on with the animals which included walking, handling and restraint, grooming and even trailer loading! Staff were excellent with our students and were able to instil confidence in nervous learners and stretch & challenge our high achievers. All students returned to school with a wealth of hands-on skills and a newfound confidence when working alongside larger species. We hope to return every year for our animal health unit.

Lucy Cull – Wolverley Animal Centre Manager



Kidderminster College:

We visited Severn Valley Alpacas this year with our Level 3 and Level 4 Animal Care and Management course. We started off the new year with three consecutive visits with the Level 4 higher education group where the students were not only able to walk the alpacas but trimmed their toenails and fringes and assisted in giving their vitamin D injections. We visited twice with the Level 3 group where they were able to feed and walk the alpacas, as well as load them on and off a trailer.

Overall, the visits we made to Severn Valley Alpacas was outstanding, and Loraine and Andy were very accommodating for our course requirements as well as being supportive and considerate to all the students who visited. We are very much looking forward to the relationship between Kidderminster College and Severn Valley Alpacas continuing and would thoroughly recommend other education groups visiting to support this wonderful place. 

Tom Grosvenor
Programme Lead for Foundation Degree in Animal Management; 
Course Lead for Level 3 work-based Animal Care


Kidderminster College:

Level 2 Students

We visited Severn Valley Alpacas with our Level 2 Work Based Animal Care group this year. This day gave them the opportunity to work with a different species than usual to link to providing feed and movement of animals units as part of their qualification.
Andy and Lorraine were accommodating to our needs to ensure the day was  varied and educational to provide our learners with opportunities to develop their skills with the alpacas, which will enable them to use to support their theory work. 
Andy and Lorraine worked with all our students to encourage them all to have a go and get stuck in to completing tasks such as providing feed, herding and moving the animals on and off the trailers. Alongside that we were also given the opportunity to work with their horses on site, where all learners used various brushes to groom and hoof pick. A fun and educational day had by all, many thanks.
Claire Macartney
Level 2 Course coordinator and Personal development tutor at Kidderminster college


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