One Farm, Two Purposes

Severn Valley Alpacas is an agricultural smallholding. We breed & train alpacas and produce a small quantity of fruit and veg. This is our family business. We also provide alpaca educational visits for Schools, College's and community groups. We also provide experiences such as trekking, private picnics, private wellbeing & therapy activities and seasonal alpaca events.

Alpaca Farming and Produce

We operate a developing alpaca breeding heard as an agricultural business as well as providing animal husbandry educational sessions for local colleges & schools. In addition we offer wellbeing and leisure experiences. You can find us about halfway between Kidderminster and Bridgnorth, in the Severn Valley.

We also produce and sell from our carpark sales booth a small amount of seasonal fruit, vegetables, eggs, alpaca fiber, and alpaca manure — the secret behind the outlandish size of our vegetables. Free local delivery when available.

Wellbeing Experiences

We believe that everyone has a right to access the countryside and we recognise the positive impact that doing so has upon an individual. To facilitate this we will offer individual and group activities that are meaningful and thus promote a positive effect on health and wellbeing. This can be specific or in general terms.

We welcome all individuals and respect and embrace diversity.

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👋 A quick hello from the alpaca heard:

Husband and Wife Team

Andrew Bassett is a mechanical engineer having worked in national management roles within the UK gas industry, runs the agricultural side of our business. He is a local historian, British Museum Volunteer worker, expert metal detectorist with several finds on display in local and national museums. He has found so far 5 Hoards of coins dating from medieval thru to the English Civil War period. Andrew gives community group talks on local historical subjects relevant to his discoveries.

Loraine Bassett manages the wellbeing farming side of what we do. She is a registered nurse (with 37 years of practice in hospitals, hospices and community settings) and a former care home manager.

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  • Jo Handford

    "Loraine and Andy (Severn Valley Alpacas), thank you both. We loved spending time with your gorgeous alpacas. Was a proper treat. Xx"

  • Amber-Rose Hirst

    "Thank you for an incredible morning! Aladdin, Trevor and Bert have worn the kids out and left us full of joy! We can't wait to be back with a picnic!"

    Amber came to visit with her three children who have special educational needs

  • Wolverley Animal Centre

    We brought 25 Year 10 BTEC Animal Care students to Severn Valley Alpacas as part of their animal health unit. Severn Valley staff were able to provide a bespoke day covering all elements of alpaca & equine husbandry, care, health and maintenance - vital for our student’s units. Each and every student had ample opportunity to get hands on with the animals which included walking, handling and restraint, grooming and even trailer loading! Staff were excellent with our students and were able to instil confidence in nervous learners and stretch & challenge our high achievers. All students returned to school with a wealth of hands-on skills and a newfound confidence when working alongside larger species. We hope to return every year for our animal health unit.

    Lucy Cull – Wolverley Animal Centre Manager

  • Rosemary Johnson

    "Well just arrived home from a fabulous time at Severn Valley Alpacas my grandson Taylor myself hubby Dean and son Joe loved every minute of it and Taylor chatted all the way back in the car about it. Thank you Loraine and hubby for a great afternoon. We will all be back soon with our Xmas basket for our alpacas friends."

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