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Adopt Youngster Barry

Hello, I'm Barry! I am a male alpaca, I was born on 8 th August 2021, and I am a Suri alpaca. My dad was a light fawn suri Alpaca and my mum was a solid mid brown suri, I am a solid dark fawn I moved to Severn Valley Alpacas with my buddy Chase and my brother Goldie. My sisters Isla and Elsa live here too.

I’m a youngster and of course very cute. I am quiet vocal, like my brother Goldie but not as loud as Goldie. I adore food and get very excited. I like people too and I like to have a chat with them. Sometimes I follow Goldie and he gets me into trouble for being a bit too boisterous and Bert our herd leader has to tell me off. I am always racing Goldie to be first in line when mum or Dad comes with our food.

I am now fully trained and a member of the trekking gang!. I am especially clever as i am the chief walker for all mobility challenged and special needs friends who come to visit me, I am gentle, kind and a great listener!

Adopt an Alpaca is a great gift for all animal lovers. In your pack, you will receive:

  1. A personalised certificate of adoption
  2. A signed photo of your adopted alpaca
  3. A personalised letter containing the biography of your alpaca, its personality, where it comes from and about its life at Severn Valley Alpacas.
  4. A Personalised Birthday/Christmas/Easter/Anniversary or bespoke celebration card.
  5. A personalised Meet and greet visit voucher for 2 persons  to come and meet your furry friend.
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